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A data Driven Cognitive Intelligent Solutions can make problem be solved with greater satisfaction

Deeplearning AI Insysness

A Brain for a Bot

Human brain has a high potential in Computing and Solving Complex Problems, and robots are programmed to do tasks and need to be supported for improvements. Now the change is here, The solutions we bring is “A Brain for a Robot” where an unique Artificial Intelligent Brain is designed in respective of the work to make the Machine or a Robot to think, work and learn like a Human.

Sports Analysis

A quality of a Sportsman is depended on his skills. Upgrading the skills need a higher level of experienced Trainer and winning the game needs a perfect strategy. Here in Insysness we bring out the best Computer Vision Analysis system where it will learn the game, learn your moves and all your competitor’s moves then brings out the best Strategy for Training and wining.

Computer Vision Sports Analysis of Insysness
BigData Analytics

BigData Analytics

There is a wrong myth of understanding that BigData Means a large Size Data problem. But, Actually it is not true. Data processing or handling becomes a BigData handling when the processing power is less while the Inputs are large for a small result. For Example, 1MB of data for 10kb of ram is also a BigData Problem which will occur in small computing parts in a Robot or a hardware. We in Insysness are skilled with handling anykind and category of BigData problems and bring out the solution.

Core Services

We bring various services in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for all industries. Having a huge dataset and the right strategy has made this miracle possible

AI Development

Video & Image Analysis, Monitoring engine, Vision Integration for Robots.

Computer Vision

Video & Image Analysis, Monitoring engine, Vision Integration for Robots,

Data Handling

Data Structuring, Data Migrations, BigData Setup, Graphical Insights, Data Warehousing.

Natural Language Processing

Speech to Text development, Emotion Analysis with Text & Audio, Customer Experience Analysis.

Strategic Planning & Consulting

Finding Problems, Customer Experience Analysis, System or Product Performance Analysis.

Data Science & Analytics

Future Predictions, Data Research, Data Security, Pattern Identificatinn in Data.


We pride ourselves to have worked and to be continously working on different aspects of AI.


An online tool for traders that is powered with DeepLearning Artificial Intelligence which can predict the intraday pricing in Share Market. The product is developed as an supportive tool for traders and not for real trading.


This an Artificial Intelligence Listing hub where AI Scientists and developers participate to share their AI Models and run it to make it better with other datas and models that is already present in the product. PotatoChip is in BETA VERSION, soon its main version will come to live with greater power by collecting as many Artificial Intelligent Brains together.


A Brand is an Emotion which will stay in heart and be loved by people to use it, and feel it. Let’sEvolveToday [L.E.T.] is an Emotion analysis and Emotion pattern identifier which will make your Brand reach to its right audience with a powerful Emotion. Data Analysis and Analytics with a lager data of human behavior is the key to unlock the pattern with Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence.